RHS Great London Plant Fair 26th and 27th March 2013

Amidst an icy start to the gardening year, the RHS show proved a welcome day out and timely reminder of the flowers yet to blossom and flourish in our otherwise snow covered and seriously cold gardens.

The trip into London was an exciting break too from carving a living as a gardener, its been tough so far this year, but like all gardeners who are an optimistic lot, a little inspiration from some great nurseries was just the tonic needed.

Dibleys Nurseries had a wonderful display of  Streptocarpus ‘Harlequin Lace’ the markings were stunning – I had to fight the urge to touch the very tactile velvety flowers.


A few of my favourites from Hardy’s included the renamed Lamprocapnos spectabilis ‘valentine’ Both delicate and a little quirky.


I really loved the Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’, also from Hardy’s, this is definitely one I would choose for my own hot border.


Over to the early Daffodils and Hyacinth competitions, each flower bringing sunshine to the halls. My own favourite a split corona cultivar, which I had not seen before.


Amidst the flowers were two stands close to my own heart, Pennards Plants and Sea Spring Seeds, both displaying really informative advice signs on veg growing.  The come and cut again advice on the growing points and where to make the cut from Sea Spring was especially good and I will use more wisely in my own veg garden.


Looking forward to some sunshine and the arrival of spring!

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