Italian Wildflowers – Capparis spinosa

We are on holiday in Amalfi and its pouring, so had been fruitlessly searching through Italian wildflower sites to help identify the plants we have been lucky to see in between showers. Having driven my husband mad with obsessive searching, both he and I were delighted to find the answer on Christina’s blog ‘Creating My Own Garden of the Hesperides’

Capparis spinosa

Capparis spinosa

Many thanks to Christina’s brilliant blog.

3 thoughts on “Italian Wildflowers – Capparis spinosa

  1. Hi, I’m just back from a holiday too, to Sicily where I saw lots of wild flowers which I’ll write about soon. The caper flower is the most beautiful of all though. Sorry you had rain, but it proves my that I have been telling the truth about the bad spring we have had this year. Christina

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