19 thoughts on “Wildflower Wednesday – Greater Stitchwort Stellaria holostea

  1. It is spring indeed and one of the joys of this time of the year is watching the wild flowers come out. What a beautiful shot of Stitchwort. Why don’t you link in with Gail at Clayandlimestone.com? She runs a meme called Wild flower Wednesday on the fourth Wednesday in the month.

    • Thank you Chloris, your link went astray but I have found her on Clay and Limestone on Blogspot.(there is no .com) I will try and edit my post to link in, this will be a test for my technical abilities I had tried to find other wildflower posts on wordpress but no joy really, thank you again.

    • We started the day with some lovely sunshine, at lunchtime it rained and then a great deal of hailstones in the afternoon. Spring in its many forms!

    • I think it really is very delicate, it looks like a blue vein but is really the tiny ridges in the petals. Hope its getting milder where you are!

  2. Haven’t seen any here yet… gorgeous photo Julie! I hadn’t heard of Wildflower Wednesday before – will definitely join in next month! 😀

    • Thanks, I have just found a site which says its known as Addersmeat in the USA, over here in the east of the UK, we are lucky to have quite a lot growing.

  3. Beautiful! Spring may arrive here this week if Mother Nature doesn’t change her mind. I just sowed some Bolander’s phacelia seeds under grow lights another blogger sent me from Canada. I’ve never seen them here so I’m hoping they sprout and make it through our hot/humid summers.

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