10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Meadows of Buttercups on the Greensand Ridge

    • I know just what you mean, we walked through 10 miles of the 40 mile Ridge route on Sunday and the meadows, hedgerows and scenery were just lovely.

    • Celandine poppies are in flower here too, I really like that cheery yellow, they are a bit beefier than these Bulbous Buttercups – a field of those would be spectacular!

    • Hello, Thank you, I love meadows too, they remind me most of my childhood and that great sense of freedom. From now until the Autumn they are a wonderful sight.

    • I want to be able to walk through these fields and for my children and their children to enjoy them too. I can’t say this any better than they have so I am copying a quote from the wildlife trust website, who have been running a petition to save grasslands. ‘Wildlife-rich grasslands provide great benefits to society and are vital resources: for bees and other pollinators which we all rely on; for the abundance of nature which depends on wild grasses and flowers, from butterflies to barn owls; for securing soils and enabling landscapes to hold and filter water, preventing flooding and pollution; for carbon storage, and as living museums which have evolved over millennia. These beautiful and valuable habitats are vanishing – and the dazzling array of species that depend on them are under threat.’

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