13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday RHS Plant of the Year 2014 Hydrangea macrophylla Miss Saori

    • Out of the 20 shortlisted I liked the Gaura ‘Freefolk Rosy’ the most, I put that one on yesterday, which did not make the top 3. 2nd was an Iris with black falls and 3rd an orange Gerbera, both of which were a funny do! The Hydrangea is growing on me though. 🙂

    • Yes, me too for the Clematis, beautiful and apparently named after Marie Curie, the Sklodowska part was her maiden name. Wikipedia gives a handy but unintelligible guide as to how to pronounce that!

    • Its growing on me, I liked the Gaura ‘Free folk Rosy’ more and the gorgeous Clematis that Chloris from the Blooming garden also liked definitely deserved a top three place. The Iris and Gerbera in 2 and 3 were not my cup of tea.

  1. This is a bit frilly for my taste but I bet i’s lovely in person. The Clematis Maria sklodowska Curie you and Chloris were discussing sounds nice too. susie

    • Its a wee bit frilly for me too Susie, I feel a bit of a philistine when esteemed judges choose something I do not really get. That lovely Clematis did not get placed, but made the top 20.

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