25 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – On holiday! Puffins, Farne islands, Northumberland

    • I have not come across a Golden Oriole before and just looked that up, its very rare here with only 85 migratory birds and 2 – 5 breeding pairs, you are really privileged to have seen them.

      • Oh thats a sad discovery, I have just read on the RSPB site, that of anywhere in the UK, the Lakenheath reserve in Suffolk may be the one place you might be able to see one.

  1. Aren’ t they lovely. So cute. I don’ t know this area very well but I hear it is very beautiful. I hope you will show us some photos of the countryside.

    • Its a virtually garden free holiday, as we have our dog and grown up children with us, lots of coast path walking and pubs! We did get to Alnwick Gardens though. The scenery is incredibly beautiful up here, its our first time and I cannot absorb it quick enough.

    • We were told there are 40,000 pairs of Puffins on the Farne Islands this year and will be here until the end of July, taking a boat tour and landing on the islands was a great experience. Alnwick was interesting, in ways I did not expect, photos to follow!

    • Its our first visit to this part of the country but will not be our last, its very beautiful and diverse and only 1 hour on the train to Edinburgh from here, we had a lovely day out there, we spent last night at Keilder Observatory, attempting to star gaze, too much cloud, but the facilities are fantastic. Lots of castles, stunning scenery and really nice people!

    • Thank you, we are loving Northumberland, The Cliffs of Moher is somewhere we would really like to visit, I hear it is really very beautiful. We visited the Ring of Kerry some years ago and have wanted to go back ever since.

    • Sounds like an interesting family tree, I am hoping to find some time this summer to find out more about my great grandfather. Puffins are definitely cute! 🙂

    • They are on land for quite a short time, spending the autumn and winter out at sea. I heard today there are puffins still to be seen on Skomer island, Pembrokeshire. We also saw Puffins from Bempton cliffs, Yorkshire, I would really recommend a visit there, fantastic place to see Gannets too.

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