17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Sunny September Strawflower and Red Admiral drinking Nectar at Wimpole Hall

      • What tipped me off to the wide range of the red admiral was a post from Germany that showed one. It’s still not clear to me which side of the Atlantic this species started on, but it’s familiar on both.

        I’m glad you’re enjoying my views of nature in Texas, a place that’s mostly quite different from where you are. Someday I hope to see the English countryside and not just London (which I’ve been to twice).

    • I have read on the UK Butterflies site, that the Red Admiral is primarily a migrant to here, coming in from warmer parts of Europe and that although in the south of the UK it now is considered a resident, they do not survive our cold winters. I wonder if your exceptionally harsh winter is a factor.

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