27 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Weather this Week – Frost, now Dank Drizzle and Murky

  1. This is a lovely shot; I feel cold just looking at it. I almost miss English winters — but mostly because they happen while I’m sweltering in Auckland humidity. πŸ™‚ Thanks for following Shaking the Tree btw.

    • Hi Su, you would not miss it today, I am sure, its one of those wet, typically English early winter soggy cold days, we had a good frost overnight Sunday and Monday morning and the forecast for the rest of the week and next is dry at least. I have only just found your other site, I love your photos on there. πŸ™‚

    • Me too, that was Monday morning, but by the look of the forecast for the next two weeks, we are dry but not cold enough for a decent picturesque frost. I prefer that to the wet and dismal gloom we have today!

    • Hi Amelia, on another note, I sent a photo of the 3 Magnolia x soulangeana seed heads, which were the same as yours from the Saville Gardens to the RHS advisory people and asked what would have caused this to happen to my tree. They tell me, that Magnolias are self pollinating although this is through the agency of beetles its also likely that a beetle has visited another Magnolia and then mine and pollen has been transferred that way. Apparently Beetles find their way into unopened flowers easier than bees, flies and other insects. They also say the stigmas are receptive to pollen before the flowers open and quickly become unreceptive on opening. I am going to ask more about the Beetle species. And have saved the seeds to try and propagate them.

    • Hi Charlie, I’ve just looked at the Seattle weather for today and its very similar to ours – cold and raining but your forecast is colder than us for the coming weekend, looks like you will have a some frost.

    • The frost is a lot prettier than the damp murky stuff we have had for the last couple of days, but the forecast is drier and even a little sunshine to boot. Hope the weather is good where you are!

    • At 6.30p.m tonight, having driven 70 miles south of home it was 10c .We are having the oddest range of weather this week. And at home this afternoon we had some very welcome sunshine after a gloomy few days of rain and the earlier frost. Hope it does keep mild for you Annette. πŸ™‚

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