21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Winter Colours of White Willow – Salix Alba

    • Hi Brian, I have tried twice to comment on your Long Tailed Tit post, wordpress is sending me in a loop, literally! They visit us here too, we also have a pair of Jackdaws, your design of feeder look as if it would do the job of keeping them off. Apologies too if you now have several comments from me on Long tailed Tits on your blog!

    • Me too, until I got up close to read the label. Kew are brilliant at labelling. We visited a National Trust property in the summer, which had a note up saying they were not labelling anymore as the labels were being removed by visitors. There are so many new cultivars and plants around now that I need a label and feel quite irritated when I can’t identify something.

      • LOL, I can’t imagine why folk would want to steal the label unless they took the plant as well. I don’t want to go around a garden in a fuzz of isn’t that nice but no clue what it is. There is another NT garden near here which sells a programme with numbers on and then you match the number to the plant, which is someway to helping but even that is annoying.

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