36 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Sparkling, Festive and Jolly Hawthorn Berries

    • Thanks Cathy, its so mild here, I am absolutely certain that there will not be a white Christmas for us next week, so we will have to find festive sights elsewhere!

    • No flash used, we have been enjoying some unseasonal sunny weather and this is the most festive I could muster! Thats the sunlight through rain drops you can see. I was too slow for the brief icing sugar frost the day before and the forecast is 13c tomorrow!

    • Yes F16! I have been walking 3 dogs for the last fortnight taking photographs during my dog walks have generally been a bit haphazard, but I finally managed something festive and not mud splattered!

    • Thanks Jason, I understand your American Native Hawthorn flowers earlier than this British native Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) but they all have so many benefits for wildlife. Great time of year to plant if you are going to have one.

    • Thanks Chloris, it was a rushed photograph trying to navigate three dogs at the same time, its so mild here, this is going to be as festive as it gets for us, no sign of any more good frosts for the next week or so.

    • Hi Susie, its very mild here and due 12c on Monday, not festive but good walking weather, I hope you have the weather you’d like for the holidays and thats its peaceful and happy too.

    • Hi Chloris, Thank you very much, I am delighted to accept and will give thought to your questions, some are quite tricky, especially the favourites. I promise its not to much gin but do I then put up a blog post with my answers and then nominate 5 people of my choice?

      • Oh good, I am so glad that you are happy to accept the award. It is a nice way to share our favourite blogs with other people. So yes if you have time to write a post and answer the questions, nominate your own 5 blogs and ask them questions and explain the rules, that would be great.

  1. They are beautiful! And still there! I’d thought the ones where I live had lasted long but they are mostly fallen off now and the ones which are left are shrivelled. But there’s quite a variation between the trees – which ones have kept their berries and which ones haven’t.

    I’ve just read your comment on Brian’s Blog – Our Garden@19. He is right. You can join in with Tree Following at any time in the year. There’s more information on the Loose and Leafy Tree Following Page – http://tinyurl.com/bv6pzt5 . It would be great if you decide to join in.

    • Hi Lucy, thank you, I signed up to your blog some time ago and your posts go into my email box, but our slow internet speed at home mean I can rarely see your photographs. The Tree Following blog photographs I can see are all on WordPress rather than Blogger and and Blogspot. I am hoping to join in though as its so enjoyable.

      • Pleased to know you enjoy Loose and Leafy. It’s very encouraging! Sorry though that you are rarely able to see the photos when they arrive in your inbox. Can you see them ok on the blog itself?
        And as for Tree Following – I do hope you are able to join us in following a tree and what it does / what happens to it through the year. There are lots of people taking part who use WordPress so even if you have to skip the Blogspot blogs there is still plenty to read.
        Happy New Year!

      • Hi Lucy, sadly I cannot see them on your blog either if I am at home. I use a mac and combined with a slow internet means not being able to see images. I travel a couple of times a week and briefly get access to a faster download where I just try and catch up on everything I haven’t previously seen. Thanks for your encouragement though, I shall try to join in.

    • Thank you so much, the garden in the banner is my own, thats the view looking down to the fruit and veg area. I need an easy going garden as I work as a gardener and haven’t always got time to do my own!

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