38 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Unfurling – Witch Hazel Petals

    • Thanks Annette, that group of Hamamelis isn’t as scented as others, but I love their quirky and cheery flowers in the winter time.I think you are right, had it been really very cold here it would flower slightly later.

  1. Beautiful photo. There’s a native to North America witch hazel which is widespread in its growth. The flowers of this tree are so gorgeous and bloom and a good time of year for floral-starved gardeners.

    • I understand your native Witch Hazel has a really wonderful scent, this one is more subtle but such a cheery colour. Any flowers in the winter here are a bonus!

    • There are many different types and sizes of Hamamelis and if you have the right soil conditions – they do not like a chalky soil, its worth it for the cheery flowers in the winter. πŸ™‚

  2. I have always loved Witch Hazel as it flowers at such an amazing time – even in Scotland but I have never tried to grow it in my garden over here as it likes acid soil. I think it would be cruel to plant one in this limy soil. Amelia

    • Well Hello! Witch Hazels (Hamamelis) – will tolerate any soil except Chalk but will cope with a sheltered or exposed spot. They are a lovely mindful winter bloomer!

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