22 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Smell-O-Vision – Fragrant Sarcococca

  1. I have Sarcococca confusa which looks about the same and smells wonderful. There are not many shrubs that are so beautiful and will do well in the shade. Mine has given me lots of babies so it bodes well for your seeds. Amelia

    • Absolutely Amelia, my seedlings from last years seeds are still quite small, but I noticed where the berries have just dropped on the ground the resulting seedlings are about the same size as the mollycoddled ones. Theres something about Plants for free thats so satisfying.

  2. I have one which had suffered in recent years, I have rescued it and potted it up, there are a few flowers but not really enough to create much scent, hopefully next year it will be better

  3. Our winter was so cold last year my sar. humilis flowers froze and didn’t bloom. Hopefully, that won’t happen again. I really missed the fragrance. It’s the scent that reminds me winter won’t last forever. 🙂

  4. You have many plants we don’t have here:-) I love stopping by and visiting to see what you are growing- always learn something new. This one is fragrant! Now that is one I need to learn more about:-)

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