23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Serenity

    • There is a garden near us with an enormous glass house full of Camellias, that looks pretty spectacular but in a garden outside now that would be lovely!

    • Yes, I love white flowers too, this one was in flower at Kew on New Years Day, I did not make a note of its name but the sasanqua group of Camellias can apparently flower from late Autumn.

  1. Oh my-stunning! I am still working on my moon garden, but I don’t have anything that beautiful in it! WOW:-) There is something calming about a white garden at night:-)

  2. A white camellia would definitely suit a ‘moon garden’. The camellia is a lovely breath of spring in the midst of winter isn’t it. And certainly ‘serenity’ in a photograph.

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