25 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch 24th – 25th January 2015

    • Thanks Su, for the very first time we have pair visiting our garden, as they are territorial I am assuming its a male and female and they are nest building somewhere.

  1. I am ready, bird feeders all in place. I hope the birds aren’t shy at the weekend. I wonder how many people cheat as it must be very frustrating if you usually have, say, 4 blue tits, but when you do the birdwatch you only have 2! I suppose the other two could be being counted somewhere else though.
    The rate at which they are eating the sunflower seeds I think I had better get some more in.

    • My geography needs addressing, I’d assumed your weather would be the same as Winterwatch but I’ve just looked and you’ve got good sunshine and similar temperatures to down here for the weekend. That is frustrating when the birds do not appear in the given hour!

    • Absolutely Cathy, I”ve been thrilled to watch coal tits picking off aphids from young apple trees today and listening to the tap, tap, tap of Thrushes bash snail shells in Summer is one of the nicest sounds!

  2. We have something very similar here coordinated by Cornell University, except that you have a longer time span to pick your days for counting birds, starting in December and ending in April I think. I’m planning on participating myself.

    • I do not know why we do it this way over here but for last 30 years its always been this weekend, regardless of the weather conditions. The BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) run other count schemes during the year though.

    • This little Robin was very tame and obliging, I have one that follows me around our garden and does a classic sit on top of the spade handle to wait for something I am digging up.

  3. Now that is really neat. I will particpate:-)We feed the birds in our yard. It is my husbands project:-) We have a large sliding door that is the length of one wall + the birds sometime sit on the railing and stare at us until one of us gets up and goes outside to put some bird food in their feeder or warmer in their water! LOL..who has who trained!

    • Hi Robbie, Jason from Garden in a City told me about Cornell university, I have just seen they have a ‘Great Backyard Bird Count’ on Feb 13th – 16th 2015.

      • thank you so much:-) We will participate. My favorite bird time of year-:-) fall when the golden finches are hanging from our sunflowers in the garden:-) amazing creatures:-)

  4. I meant to do it and then forgot all about it. A lovely photo of your robin.
    Your posts have stopped appearing in my reader and I realise that I have missed quite a few Julie. I will refollow you so that I can keep up with you. This is a problem with WordPress. You think that someone has gone quiet only to find that they haven’ t.

    • We’ve taken part since the children were small and its a tradition now, I try to keep notes throughout the year too. I appreciate your comments Chloris, glad you’ve found me again.

    • They are very territorial and can be feisty. We have two in our garden, I’m hoping they are a mating pair and there will be a nest soon, I’ve read recently they can also feed the fledgling or baby birds of other bird species as they have a highly developed parental instinct.

    • That hour just sitting and looking without feeling guilty was wonderful, it really put a spring in our step and we ended up getting loads more done that day too.

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