31 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – First Flower of Edgeworthia chrysantha (Paperbush)

    • I can’t grow these either, my current garden is in a frost pocket. I went to Wisley on Saturday morning, this is the one growing near the King and Queen statue against the house wall. So very sheltered, although there was another one growing in the E.A.Bowles plant area that was in a more exposed position, but sheltered by other shrubs and trees. Its on my wish list for my next garden though!

    • I’ve read they rarely suffer from any pests or diseases but did not realise they could tolerate that much cold Marian. I hope you are wrapped up in those temperatures!

    • Oh I know just what you mean by winter weary, we’ve got some chilly weather here and a little snow tomorrow but winter flowers always make me feel quite hopeful.

  1. Hello Julie,
    Fabulous photo of a stunning shrub which I’ve read about on several American blogs. Last year I kept a recently acquired small plant in the greenhouse over winter, then realised it had to chance it outside. We’ve had minus 10 so far this year, and a single flower bud is still poised. Whether it will survive long term ….? but worth a punt for such a lovely early bloomer,
    Best wishes

    • Its interesting now Clare but from the Spring onwards there should be much more going on. I visit because my eldest daughter sometimes trains near there on a Saturday, so a visit fills my time.

  2. How beautiful! What a shame it’s not yours, though. It’s been on my wish list for some time now. After all it’s supposed to smell of cake! I’ve tracked down a source – now to track down the right position!

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