26 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Gorse Buds in February Sunshine

    • Coopers Hill is a local sandy heathland, with lots of Gorse and Heather, I could hear a gentle buzz yesterday and was delighted to see a Solitary bee, I was too slow for a decent photo though.

    • With the sunshine came a frost this morning and another sunny day today but due to be followed by several of rain. Early spring in all its glory! Hope your weather starts to warm up soon Cathy.

    • Up on Coopers Hill the gorse grows very tall along the footpaths, apparently it smells distinctly of coconut but sadly it was lost on me yesterday (I have a cold) and I could not smell a thing.

    • Thanks Susie, Gorse is a big tough plant and a native here but was apparently introduced into America in the 1800’s. The last couple of days have been really lovely, I hope you have some signs of Spring soon too.

  1. I have heard Chloris’s saying about Gorse – kissing almost all the year round then! The photo is beautiful. I was born not far from where you took it – Barton-le-Clay – though I don’t remember anything much about it as we moved away when I was tiny.

    • What a coincidence Clare, Barton has some lovely hills to walk on and is a couple of miles from our village. The Hills and Springs have been designated a National nature reserve now, we go over to Pegsdon Hills, which link up to Barton Hills to walk there. Its a great spot!

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