Weekly Photo Challenge – Reward – Visiting the Garden of Ninfa

Its easy to fall in love with this wonderful romantic garden but the reward of finally visiting and experiencing breath taking joy is something I will never forget.

Roses in the Garden of Ninfa

Roses in the Garden of Ninfa

For this weeks challenge, I thought of the long walks, cycle rides, hills and the odd mountain we had climbed to stretch our bodies and be rewarded by spectacular views but chose visiting the Garden of Ninfa in Italy and finally seeing the crumbling walls covered in Roses as my response to this challenge.

My piece on the Gardens of Ninfa was written shortly after I began blogging and since that time have met many people I would not have met before, who have given me great advice, been extremely kind and who have opened my eyes with some wonderful blogs on so many beautiful plants and places across the world.

Please visit the photo challenge page to see how other folk have responded to the Reward challenge.

33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Reward – Visiting the Garden of Ninfa

    • My first thought on Reward was my children, and secondly some of the wonderful places and gardens we have visited, Ninfa was an easy choice though, its very beautiful.

  1. I’ve never been able to get to this garden when I was in Italy, the limited open days make scheduling such a challenge. I’m glad to enjoy it through photos like yours, though, and will keep my fingers crossed for the future.

    • I hope you do get to visit Marian, I have been told that private tours are also possible but am not certain of the details. I think you would like this garden very much indeed.

    • Cathy, I also remember you commenting, you were one of the first people who read my blog and you have been very encouraging and kind ever since. Hope you are having a lovely weekend and that some sign of Spring is heading your way.

      • Thanks Julie. Despite snow and rain again today a few crocus are struggling to flower, so I will finally have some colour in my garden again soon!

    • Oh Amelia, I do not like endless rain either, we have some pretty boggy ground here, but a good forecast up to 11c by next weekend and dry all week. I hope the dry weather comes your way too.

    • Thanks, I understand Ninfa is also very beautiful in the Autumn but if we go again we shall visit in early summer to see the roses at their best.

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