38 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Walking through Bluebell Woods

  1. I miss them too, maybe more than almost anything else. In Suffolk last week, they were either not quite out or were over. Whichever it won’t be a good show this year because all the other plants were growing up so fast around them. Last year at roughly the same time they were wonderful. You can show as many photos of them as you like!

    • We drove to Pryor’s Wood in Hertfordshire to see these bluebells, our local neglected wood has a patchy display this year and the brambles in parts are growing faster. Hoping to see more this bank holiday weekend, if the forecast of 3 days rain changes!

    • We keep a look out for any Spanish bluebells and potential hybrids but so far the woods we have visited all have native Bluebells in. It really would be sad if our natives were lost.

  2. So stunning! It’s something I miss about the UK as well. Here in Australia with only evergreen forests, scenes like this have to be planted, and it’s not quite the same 😉

    • No broadleaf trees? That’s something I had not considered before. Is that just in your forests? We hope to visit more woodlands this weekend but typical UK bank holiday weekend forecast lots of rain!

    • And they did smell wonderful too. The forecast is looking better for us up here over the bh weekend, hope it’s good for you too. 😃

    • This was taken in Pryor’s Wood near Stevenage, I am hoping to take my mum to see the Bluebells at Ashridge over the weekend, it’s always busy there, we are bracing ourselves!

  3. That looks magical. I’ve never had the pleasure of smelling bluebells or seeing them en masse. And hurrah for citizen science projects. =)

    • Some Spanish bluebells planted in gardens, have spread to the wild and are hybridising with the native bluebells. The projects are to monitor how bad the hybridised spread is.

  4. Stunning! You can’t beat a bluebell wood in spring. Pity there aren’t that many around here…but then I have our poet’s daffodils wood and the scent is very comforting 🙂

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