31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Intricate – Queen Anne’s lace

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    • I am glad Cynthia, they are so beautiful. In our lane we have a similar umbellifer- Cow Parsley, its just about to flower and en masse they are really gorgeous.

    • Some umbellifers do look lovely in the late season, we have another one – Hogweed, much taller with a stout stem that stands over winter and looks wonderful frosted or with snow on.

    • Thanks Christina, I usually take a few photos from different angles of each plant to help me with identifications. I make notes too but they do not always tally!

    • We picked up a hire car up from Rome airport and my husband had the mad money saving idea not to hire a sat nav too, by the time we arrived in the dark in Amalfi a very large drink was needed. We walked and caught buses after that, but that did give us lots of opportunities to see the beautiful wildflowers there.

  2. It is such a lovely, delicate flower – pity it is viewed as a weed almost everywhere…but looking at it closely it’s amazing to see how many insects are using it!

    • I have just read its an import from Europe and the pilgrims used to boil the tap roots and add to wine as a treat. What a shame its not better behaved!

    • Hi Susie, I wish! This is from our last trip to Italy, this weekend I have been sanding woodwork, washing walls and clearing up, we are decorating as there is too much rain to garden!

    • Thanks Clare, the cow parsley in our lane is just beginning to shine, I love that umbellifer en masse, it’s such a pretty sight. We had really good weather until about 6 today then lots of rain, hope your weekend had some sunshine too.

  3. I love how your caught the beauty of this flower in your photo! When they show up in my gardens, I do not weed them out, I let them grow, I find them beautiful:-)

      • I have some plants in my yard that others find a nuisance, but I enjoy. My native trumpet vine people hate here for being invasive. I love watching the humming birds in the flowers as I sip my tea:-) Can’t imagine not having them:-)

  4. Superb picture Julie! I love Queen Anne’s Lace too. In a previous garden I used to leave large bits unmown so it would flower. Of course it did self-seed into borders. Difficult to remove when it’s grown big, easy if you keep a regular eye open and catch it young. We don’t seem to have any here. So sad. Thanks for the memory!

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