25 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Buttercups in Sunshine

    • Thanks Christina, I used an old Canon 500d with a basic 18-55mm lens for that photo. Wisley have their wild areas on slopes so although I was crouched down, the slope and early sunshine made it an easy photo to take.

  1. Lovely photograph with the light illuminating the petals. No sign of a buttercup yet, but yesterday I found the first patch of bird’s-foot trefoil starting to flower.

  2. We have plenty of them too and also in our lawn where they flower dwarf-size…probably or very likely a nightmare for all lovers of an English lawn. 😉 Happy wednesday, Julie!

    • Your lawn sounds perfect to me, we have daises, clover, dandelions, mouse ears – Cerastium fontanei, but only a few creeping Buttercups. We need more! Happy Wednesday too Annette.

  3. I agree with Christina. Beautiful picture Julie. I’ve heard of buttercups all my life but am wondering where they are in my area. Will have to look for some.

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  5. Buttercups and Dandelions always make our fields look so bright and cheerful.(If they haven’t been sprayed).
    I don’t know why they are called Buttercups, cows will not eat them!

    • You had me wondering about the name Brian, apparently, its scientific name Ranunculaceae is based on the Latin word rānunculus, which means “little frog”. I am guessing its the shape and colour for its common name! I have just read Buttercups are poisonous to Cows too.

      • It’s turning sunny and lovely again. I like a cool spring, but not cold, so it’s been perfect today. I hope it lasts for a while. How are things there today?

      • Sounds lovely Cynthia, we are just starting a 3 day weekend as we have a bank holiday, mixed forecast and lots of jobs lined up but really nice to have an extra day off!

  6. Lovely photograph of buttercups and grasses Julie! We have plenty of Creeping Buttercup in our garden. I would rather have Meadow Buttercup as the flowers are shinier and the runners of Creeping Buttercup insist on making straight for the flowerbeds!

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