31 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Common Red Poppies – Papaver rhoeas

    • We have a couple of red poppy species, but this well could be the one you’ve seen on the edges. They are really sensitive to herbicide, so guessing this farmer did not spray his broad bean crop. We noticed the aphids were mainly on the poppies too.

    • We don’t often get such a grand display near us, I am fairly sure this field had Oil Seed Rape in last year, now along with this years Broad beans thousands of Poppies too!

  1. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for your visit to see Baby Josephine on the quilt this morning.
    I am always amazed by shots of poppies in profusions. I have never seen such a sight here on the east coast of the US. Lots of poppy pics from England and the west coast of the US, though. I don’t know if it is the climate or the politics, but I’ve not seen them in gardens nor growing wild in profusion.

    Years ago there was a major campaign to beautify America’s highways by planting wildflowers and bulbs like daffodils. But over 30-40 years, the flowers declined. You still see some, but not like it was. I guess nature won’t be tinkered with over the long run -at least where flowers are concerned.

    🙂 m & jb

    • Not sure about the politics Maureen. Poppies grow where the soil is poor, maybe its too fertile in the east. The highway scheme sounded fantastic to start with, I wonder if they were cutting back at the wrong time or spraying. Left to its own devices nature does produce some wonderful flowers of its own.

    • I am not certain, on the RHS site, it gives both Broad beans and Poppies as being susceptible to black fly. But the Broad Beans looked a lot cleaner than the Poppies, so possibly. I thought it was more an indication that that particular farmer had not used a herbicide this year. I wish I could find out more. On blackflies, we have virtually no ladybirds this year, including harlequins.

    • I’ve only captured a small part of this field, I had to hop out quick and snap a photo on the way home, oddly though not many orangey-red ones here this year.

    • No you don’t, more is the pity. They were in amongst a field of Broad Beans, I am guessing the farmer did not spray, so an even rarer sight!

    • Thanks Cynthia, hope you have had a good July, apologises for the late reply, I have not been able to access WordPress, laptop problems and dire Internet access but hopefully all will be resolved soon. Looking forward to catching up with your blog. X

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