Wordless Wednesday – Autumn Sunshine, Heleniums and Long Borders at Cliveden


Heleniums at Cliveden

Hot Border at Cliveden

Cliveden Hot Border

Cleome - Cliveden

Cleome – Cliveden

Cliveden Cool Border

Cliveden Cool Border

PS – The mystery Helenium could be one of several plotted on the Cliveden planting plan boards, I’ve attempted to make a match with one from the Helenium database run by Sampsford Shrubs who held the National Helenium collection, the nearest is possibly ‘The Bishop’, but then again…..

35 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Autumn Sunshine, Heleniums and Long Borders at Cliveden

    • They are inspiring to visit John, especially at this time of year – I love Autumn borders, they remind me there is still so much to enjoy before winter. I’d trade a visit to the States though anytime!

    • The Cleomes were enormous, however the borders have a watering system and are heavily mulched plus we’ve had a cool summer, if they had your summer heat to contend with they probably would have succumbed here too!

  1. I used to live very close to Cliveden so it was our walk of choice for a lot of the year; have you visited in spring when the bluebells are flowers, they are spectacular; thank you for bring back some very happy memories.

    • You lived in a lovely part of the UK Christina, we walked down and along the river when we were there last week but Bluebell time sounds special, hopefully we will get to go again next spring.

  2. Just dreamy! I do wonder how you Brits are so good at getting plants to grow in front of a wall without it leaning forward. Mine always look like they’re trying to get as far away from the wall as possible and end up looking like alpine skiers. Pathetic!

  3. Lovely pictures Julie! I’ve never been to Cliveden but have read so much about the place (house/garden/family etc) and I’d love to visit one day. I adore long borders and as I enjoy weeding I’d be very happy tending them. My only problem is getting late flowering plants to flower late in the season!

    • I quite like weeding too as its therapeutic and I can just be in the moment. There is definitely an art to late flowering borders, some of these plants such as the Heleniums must be added in later and replace spring/early summer plants.I went with my mum, the house is a hotel now, so sadly we did look inside but what a history it has!

  4. Thanks for the link. I would like to add some Heleniums to the garden now but it would be hard to choose from that link. Perhaps chance and availability will make the selection for me as they all look so gorgeous. Amelia

    • Chance and availability work for me too Amelia, its rare I track down an exact plant anymore, there is so much choice! I do like to look more for specific seeds though.

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