25 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Borage for Bees!

    • I did not know that, I must admit to never having eaten the flowers or the seeds. I am going to rectify that though, in the past I’ve only had the leaves flavour a well known alcoholic drink!

  1. We have been thinking a lot recently about the bee friendly plants we could add to the garden this autumn. Yet, in the garden at the moment all the self-seeded borage is full of bees! And there has been borage on the go all summer long. Amelia

    • Currently Borage is attracting the most attention, I have self sown wild Oregano that also does well, my Phacelia has self seeded and may just flower again before winter, I’d say those three, Lavender, Nepeta and Verbena bonariensis are my top six. There are a few plants that I was going to remove such as Lychnis coronaria, another self seeder, but recently I have noticed Hoverflies are attracted to it. My gaps are in the Winter, I lost a mature Mahonia last year and want to replace that and add some Witch Hazel. Our local farmer has just dug out all of the Pussy Willow along his field margin, I am not sure why except there is likely to be an increased crop area, although that part is often boggy. So thinking I should find space for one here as I have a wetter part in this garden.

  2. A lovely shot – the subdued colors seem to work especially well to shade the stopped action of the bee. I’m admiring the way the flower petals droop down so delicately, as if to say they are “for” the bee and not those of us standing removed, well above. Nice capture!

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