39 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Sipping Nectar from Verbena bonariensis in Late September

    • Thanks Amelia, in the warmer sunnier parts of our garden Verbena b. self sows easily and they are especially happy on gravel and pavement cracks. A bitter winter can kill off the plants but theres always plenty more that pop up from self sown seed the following spring. When I see it for sale on websites and garden centres for a high price, it does make me smile. I hope you start to get lots of new plants now its self seeding for you too.

    • Thanks Su, we are all enjoying this weeks autumn sunshine, its been a real tonic after the last few weeks rain. And lovely to see some Butterflies back in our garden also enjoying the dry sunny weather.

    • I had a long walk with my dog this afternoon looking for late native wildflowers and came home to find more activity on these self sown non-natives than anything on my country walk. And this morning cut some Verbena b.to include in a bunch of flowers for a friend, I’ve read they make great cut flowers too.

  1. Lovely images true enough but I always admire when a photographer’s patience and willingness to bend results in images that capture these tiny pollinators in all their fuzzy glory! Stunning!

    • Me too Clare, until I looked on my computer, I had not realised the Bees were doing that. 🙂 Its made me look even closer when I am working in a garden now.

  2. Hi Julie. I know you have problems leaving comments on my blog. I have left this via my Word Press Gravatar. I don’t know if this will allow you to add me to your WP reader. Great photos.

  3. These are wonderful photographs which I’ve loved seeing. I’ve grown Verbena b. in my garden for the first time this summer so I’m hoping that it will self seed into the garden for the next year and evermore!

    • I am sure it will do, I lived just off the heath 35 years ago and remember the soil was clay in some parts and sand in others, but its such an easy going plant it seems to grow in any condition. On my sandy soil Verbena b. grows easily and self seeds everywhere.

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