21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Fly Algaric – Amanita muscaria

    • This is the 2nd I have seen this Autumn, both around our nearby woods where there are lots of self set birches. The first had been nibbled and was almost fully blown but this second one looked quite fresh, I’ve been back but its gone now.

  1. It is a stunning picture Julie, worth getting wet for. It follows the old country saying if it is growing in the wild and red don’t eat it. Of course there are many other fungi that are not red but deadly poisonous!

    • I would not eat any fungi apart from mushrooms from a supermarket. One of my brothers is a great wild mushroom collector but he is a great cook too. I am far to afraid picking the wrong ones.

    • You grew up in a beautiful part of the country Clare – I have relatives from Tunbridge Wells and spent many childhood holidays across the border with my grandparents in Sussex. I remember one summer staying with another set of relatives who had a hop farm in Kent, I do not recall toadstools but do remember tasting elderflower cordial for the first time.

      • I love elderflower cordial! As I think I told you I was born in Barton, near you in Bedfordshire, but I don’t remember living there as we soon moved to Kent. I lived in Bromley which was much smaller in those days and we regularly went out of the town just a few miles to heathland and woods. I still have relatives living in Edenbridge and Crowborough and along the Kent and Sussex border. It is still lovely but so much busier than when I was young.

  2. I’d almost only thought these existed in children’s picture books and on holiday trees. What a wonderful photograph – you were brave to stretch out and get wet but it obviously paid off!

    • We are going on our third yearly organised ‘Fungal Foray’ at the end of the month, but we never bring anything back, its an opportunity to learn rather than collect, but should we pass a blackberry bush I would eat those!

    • Theresa, I saw three more in group by two silver birches this week, all in different stages of growth. I’ve read that Fly Algaric have a specific relationship with this tree. Hope you get to find one!

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