37 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Eagle’s Claw Maple in Autumn Sunshine

    • Me neither Brian, luckily at Wrest Park they are quite good at labelling trees. The leaves really do look like eagle’s claws but not sure I would of guessed its common name. This was taken late yesterday afternoon in complete contrast to todays downpour!

    • Marian, your hike sounds good, I love walking at this time of year and I bet you have some wonderful walks where you are. Fingers crossed for blue skies!

    • We live close by to Wrest Park, now managed by English Heritage where they have a some wonderful mature specimen trees, with the low sunlight the grounds and trees are especially beautiful at this time of year.

    • Thanks Donna, you are observant! The header photo was taken last weekend at Bakers Wood about 20 minutes drive from home. Its said that there has been been a wood on that site since the ice age.

    • We have until today’s heavy rain been enjoying lots of Autumn sunshine, a few more days of rain and some more sunshine at the weekend thankfully, I love the light at this time of year too.

    • Thanks Clare, we had a lovely walk on Sunday in Bakers Wood where the header photo was taken, we had gone looking for Autumn colour, the leaves were not yet turning, as its quite shady so we went to Wrest Park on Tuesday also near us and found sound wonderful trees there in the sunlight, where the Eagle’s Claw Maple photo was taken. I hope you have some good Autumn colour where you are.

    • Thanks Eliza, there is a wonderful Tulip tree at Wrest Park that I had gone to photograph, but the Eagles Claw was in just the right spot to catch the last of the sun.

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