47 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Blossoming Graduates

    • Thanks, I shall tell them, both our girls have now left home after years of study, despite my constant moaning I quite miss the piles of paper and books everywhere.

    • We are so proud Su, both girls have left home after uni now and are making their own way in the world, exciting times for them, peaceful for us and time to do something we’d really like to do too.

      • This is one of those moments when you can look back on your parenting, remember all the times you felt overwhelmed, scared, exhausted and think “yeah, it was all worth it.” Whatever path our children take in life, if they are capable, compassionate adults then we have much cause to celebrate. And you have adventures of your own to plan now. Congratulations to you all.

    • Thanks Clare, I shall pass your kind words on, we are just so excited for them to be making their own way in the world now. We also for the first time in 24 years a very tidy house!

      • I dream of a tidy house! My youngest won’t be leaving home for some time and my eldest still can’t afford to rent more than a room in a house so her bedroom is still full of her stuff.

      • Oh Clare, I think the novelty will wear off with me and I’ll be wishing them back fairly soon, meanwhile they still have their stuff in bedrooms here, plus the loft and garage!

      • I still miss Alice very much and she has been away for some years now. However, it is such a wonderful thing to have such clever and hard-working children isn’t it? Our children leaving home to become successful, independant adults means we have done a good job as parents. Well done, Julie!

    • Thanks Tina, I shared so many happy times as my children grew up observing wildlife and exploring the great outdoors and now one of my greatest delights is to see their continued love for all things wild.

    • That made me laugh Brian, my husband kindly says the girls take after me but he is a pretty smart cookie himself. Both of our girls are just grabbing life and making the most of every opportunity and for that I am grateful.

  1. Hi…someone named Gardening Jules requested access to one of my blogs. If you are looking for Nature Notes, it is at my public blog connected to this name… Congrats ! …. Very exciting… Michelle

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