19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Snowfall on Wrest Park

    • We live a couple of miles from Wrest Park, which makes for an easy walk and great views when we get there. Just wish the snow had lasted longer than one day.

  1. This is a really lovely photo Julie. How lucky you are to live so near this wonderful place! All our snow has gone today – just the ice left now! I am not looking forward to the rain and wind at the weekend – I’d rather have snow I think!

    • It is peaceful to walk here or just stop and stare awhile, lots of folk visit the Tea rooms and playground area but luckily for us, do not go into the main garden.

  2. Julie, what a beautiful photo. There is something so calming and restful about a garden in winter isn’t there and you have captured this so beautifully in your picture. Wishing you more beautiful winter days but no rain!
    – Kate

    • Thanks so much Kate! Winter snow and sunshine are really uplifting as the light levels soar. The days are starting to get longer so onwards to Spring with any luck, but in the meantime I would not mind a few more snowy days.

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