48 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Crocus tommasinianus with Pollen Laden Anthers

    • I feel just like that too Cathy! I have a few just starting to flower in a sheltered part of my garden, but a couple of weeks ago before the cold snap we saw a whole swathe in flower whilst out on a walk. Hope you see yours soon. πŸ™‚

    • So far, I only have a few in flower but they are cheerful and uplifting, a sign of things to come I hope. Only a few insects about, a wasp oddly appeared in our kitchen last week and a few unwelcome house flies presumably both with the warmer weather we have this winter, I haven’t seen any early bees though.

      • I have just seen your post on her Amelia, we have not had a proper winter here either just a week long cold snap and lots of rain and strong wind/gales, I’d rather a normal cold winter and then a decent Spring.

    • I only have a few in a sheltered part of my garden already in flower, lots of crocus leaves elsewhere with a promise of more to come though. I loved your post last night, hopefully with more awareness of whats good for pollinators and our beleaguered insects gardeners can start to make a difference.

      • Leaves are showing here but no flowers yet. Yes, we all need to do what we can to raise awareness. Had petition in my inbox this morning regarding banning neonicotinoids in USA and will blog that later too.

  1. Julie, this is a beautiful photograph! The colors are spectacular and so pretty with just that little dusting of orange pollen. I’m always amazed at how nature can color coordinate so perfectly and so effortlessly.
    Really lovely!
    – Kate

    • Mother Nature is rather wonderful, I love these bright colours together, so cheerful and uplifting, especially in late winter, but guess thats why they are so bright to let any early pollinators know where they are.

  2. Such a happy flower Julie. Glad you’re seeing signs of winter abating. I’m wildly and unreasonably optimistic we’re heading into early spring, maybe just wishful thinking, but I’m starting to feel like I should be getting the garden ready.

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