Wordless Wednesday – Chaenomeles in Early Spring


Chaenomeles speciosa ‘Nivalis’ Japanese quince – Plants for wildlife and Pollinators

Chaenomeles are an early nectar and pollen source. Fruits may be eaten by birds in the Autumn and left to become a shrubby tangle could make a decent protective nesting site.

32 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Chaenomeles in Early Spring

  1. What a gorgeous photo Julie! Such a delicate blossom. I always think of quince as pink and never knew there was a white – I think I prefer this one! Very lovely.

    – Kate x

    • I prefer the white forms of Chaenomeles too Kate, there are several more white ones all really lovely with delicate blossoms in Spring, I like the way white shines out on a grey day at this time of year over here.

    • Thanks Tina, although another non-native its a good shrub for wildlife. Hopefully as the Spring warms up there will be more native flowers in bloom in here.

  2. Lovely white flowers. We have a couple of varieties of quince in our garden – with blooms of a red and a peach colour each but not this white variety.

    • There are far fewer red or peach flowers early in the year and they make an eye catching display, maybe thats why the white forms are less known.

  3. I do like to see a quince in a garden but always find the colour either too red or too insipid a pink to really want one for my own garden. Now your beautiful white one is exceptional. Clear and bright, perfect.
    Adding it to the list! I have looked it up and interestingly it is said to be suitable for sunless walls and will grow on sunny walls and is tolerant of chalk. Tough to boot then.

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