Wordless Wednesday – Carpets of Bluebells with my Faithful Friend


Archie our Labrador, enjoying Spring Bluebells

National Trust Ashridge Estate Native Bluebells

National Trust Ashridge Estate, Hertfordshire -Native Bluebells

National Trust Ashridge Estate Native Bluebells

National Trust Ashridge Estate, Hertfordshire – Native Bluebells

Archie, taking in the scent of Bluebells

Archie, taking in the scent of Bluebells






66 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Carpets of Bluebells with my Faithful Friend

    • Parts of Ashridge were muddy but many paths dry. I could hop around the mud, Archie being a dog, was still caked at the end of our walk. Eau de wet dog!

    • Berkhamstead is a lovely place to have lived Su, my mum lives at Tring. House prices are rocketing around there now with the new by pass and easy access into London. Plus beautiful surrounding country side on your doorstep. Ashridge is a gem and in the week still peaceful, the NT are fencing parts off at the weekend during Bluebell time as many of the plants are being trampled by the thousands of visitors.

      • I’m glad the NT is protecting the bluebells. We humans are so heavy-footed (literally as well as metaphorically). When we first moved to Berkhamsted, I was keen to buy a house but my partner wasn’t. It was years later (and with a small baby in tow) that we finally did buy — in Olney. My neighbour from Berkhamsted still sends Xmas cards and keeps me up to date with house prices. And I think Auckland is bad!!!

    • Archie is 11 now and has a thyroid condition, he has slowed up like we all do with age but has the kindest sweetest nature and is a wonderful companion. Glad you liked this Cynthia. πŸ™‚

    • Oh Brian, that sounds like hard work but great fun too, I bet it was hard to part with the puppies. Archie was the odd one out of a labradoodle litter – he did not get any doodle and malts so much I could knit a jumper with his hair, but his temperament is so lovely we forgive him!

  1. I adore bluebells – love everything about them, their colour and scent and the way their stems squeak when the flowers are picked! Always so gorgeous to see swathes of them in a place such as this.
    And your dog looks very handsome and good-natured.

    • We think he is handsome Val, I’m glad you thought so too, Archie is ageing and getting jowly but then aren’t we all. I have been reading on the Woodland trust site how Bluebell sap was used to bind books and the ‘glue’ was used to attach feathers to arrows in the bronze age. And then on the Kew site that the sap is poisonous and can cause dermatitis. Mind the sap!

      • Oh, how strange – I didn’t know the sap was a skin irritant. I’ve never had any problem with it, but have with all sorts of other plants. How interesting to know how it was used in times past.

  2. Oh how I wish I could see them both in the life, Julie! I go back to Scotland to see the bluebells each year (later than yours, early May, usually). Thanks!

    • Hi Cathy, its cold here, Spring is more like late Winter, but we do have beautiful Bluebells, hopefully they will last a while longer before the leaf canopies exclude light. I hope you have a lovely trip back to Scotland and that the weather is kind to you for your visit!

    • I stood watching him, sniffing the scent of bluebells and thought how connected we both were to the experience. Thanks so much for noticing that last one of him too. best wishes, Julie

  3. Oh goodness….Just breathtaking!! That is such a glorious sight and so beautifully photographed too. I loved the picture of Archie with his eyes closed – what a sweet dog!
    – Kate x

  4. Lovely photos Julie, and you’ve really captured that special blue colour…. my camera/software always seems to struggle with blues for some reason. I also followed the bluebell genome link – my brother had told me about the Wellcome set up, and once the bluebell season is over,Ii thought I might contact them about my snowdrop project…
    Best wishes,

    • Sounds like a very good idea Julian, I hope they can help. I have found reds hard to reproduce on my MAC but when I look on my husbands PC they seem fine and the blues are diluted. Good luck with your ongoing snowdrop project.

  5. Oh Julie, how absolutely beautiful! I wish I could be there too, I adore bluebells πŸ™‚ . Your dog is so charming and the image of him taking in the scent made me smile: just like my faithful friend when we visit the poet’s daffs in the wood. I’d be lost without her, she’s such great company when I’m out on a walk and very patient too. Just sits there, watching over me and when I’ve finished shooting, she jumps up and off we go πŸ™‚

    • That’s just how Archie is Annette, I feel we are so lucky to have dogs with temperaments like this, the weather is much better here this week, I hope you have lovely weather in France too. πŸ™‚

  6. I have been away from my computer too long—how could I Miss so many wonderful photos and posts…love your dog-what a sweetie! I love purple in spring:-)

      • we use to have 5 dogs, now only one…Chance is a rescue and now he is my garden dog for punk passed on last year:-) we all need a garden dog:-)

      • We do Robbie, I can’t imagine not having a dog to share our life with. I’m sorry to hear about Punk, they are such a large part of our lives.

      • I know πŸ™‚ It is hard to lose them but there is always a dog that needs a home:-)My father after he lost our family dog ( happened after we all moved out) never wanted another dog. He said it was too hard. He was a man that never showed emotion..so it must of been too difficult for him. I understand for some it is too painful. they are such great friends. I have to admit- my dog Chance would not leave the ducks alone. Last week, he raided a bunny nest and it was not pleasant. He does live with the cats inside but he has known since a puppy they are not to eaten! I would love to have ducks like yours:-) Happy Spring Julie, I so enjoy visiting your garden ever week:-)

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