Garden Bloggers Foliage Day in my east facing garden

My east facing garden relies more on foliage than flowers but thats fine by me.

Foliage in my garden

Foliage in my garden

The view above is from the dining room window, the place we sit together to eat and share our day or use the table with laptops to work from home, do homework, catch up with emails and sometimes blog. We sit here too watching the birds and any pollinators who come this far up into the shadier parts of the garden. The foliage is home to lots of insects and birds and there are some mice too who eat up the fallen bird seed. Hydrangea petiolaris, Dentata ivy, Aucuba, Jacquemontii birch, box, a golden hop which twines up through the hidden Amelanchier and onto the bird feeder. In late May and June foxgloves are some of the few flowers in this border. And now my neighbour has treated her Viburnham opulus to a dose of nematodes we have wonderful blazing red autumn colour rather than the tatty net curtain leaves that used to hang over into my garden and drive me nuts.


Autumn colour especially for Christina

Today, Christina who writes a wonderful, engaging, knowledgable and generous blog Creating my own garden of the Hesperides has written her 500th blog post which coincides with her hosting the GBFD meme on the 22nd of each month,  please take a look at Christina’s post and others who have joined in to celebrate.

Wildflower Wednesday – Chenopodiums – Goosefoot in Autumn Colours

Chenopodiums - Goosefoot

Chenopodiums – Goosefoot

One of our local dog walks runs along the edge of farmer’s fields. There are few wildflowers along this agricultural route and the fields are regularly sown with oil seed rape, chemicals are sprayed on the crop. Last winter the farmer stored on one corner of his fields a vast pile of manure, muck, slurry, something dark. It was subsequently spread on the fields and the crop this year, wheat. Goosefoot, Grasses and Orache, have sprung up where the vast muck heap once stood.

I am linking in with Gail at Clay and Limestone for her monthly wildflower Wednesday meme. Please take a look at other wildflower contributors from across the globe.