In a Vase on Monday – Bespoke and Recycled

In a Vase on Monday, hosted by Cathy at Rambling in my Garden has given me a lot of pleasure, both in the odd few times I have participated, but mostly in reading about everyones else’s creations.


Christmas Cycle Wreath

My husband is a very keen cyclist and until recently cycled daily through London on his route to work and in the past has taken on some epics including Lands End to John o’Groats, Calais to the South of France and any routes with lots of hills, his favourites are the gruelling uphill climbs. The wheel rim above was damaged on one of his trips and we thought it would be fun to recycle for this festive season.

In November I posted On the Wild side vase to place outside, Rubus tricolor, Iris sibirica seed heads and Ivy berries remained and birds have slowly picked at some of the fruits but some were still intact.

We dismantled the original vase and collected some more Hawthorn berries, added woodland foliage and Honesty seed heads and spent a happy Sunday afternoon, wiring everything up and attaching it to the wheel. I asked my husband when we were nearly done, had he enjoyed himself, ‘I’m a bit bored now to be honest’ he replied.

Festive Wheel Wreath

Festive Wheel Wreath enroute to the Front Door

We did put the wreath up in the dark on the front door, its glass so a complicated arrangement involving fishing wire and several pairs of hands. This morning when I looked it was on a jaunty angle, but this year I absolutely promise not to ask for it to be readjusted again.

Please take a look at everyone else’s creative arrangements at Cathy’s Rambling in the garden, its fun.