In a Vase on Monday – Scented Birthday and Get Well Wishes

My youngest daughter came home from uni last week, to celebrate her 22nd birthday, having graduated she’s stayed on to take a Masters. All of this is incredible to me, firstly I am sure I’m only 35 and secondly when I was 22 the university of life was my place of choice rather than a disciplined place of much higher learning. To say we are proud of her maturity and dedication is an understatement.

Recycled glass vase

Scented Hyacinths and Sarcoccoca

In November, I had purchased from Lidl several flimsy pots, each filled with one white Hyacinth bulb, no more information than that on the label. The intention to place and group into terracotta pots and bring them indoors late in January to fill the house with scent ready for the birthday festivities. Everything went to plan until the last week, I brought them from cool dark to bright windowsill too quickly and they bolted, the stems reached 20cms long and heads of 15cms gave me 35cms of toppling Hyacinth, I propped with chopsticks and then decided to cut them and fill vases together with Sarcococca hookeriana. Its a simple arrangement but smells wonderful. This Vase was given to me many years ago by my husband and I filled it with glass marbles and placed a glass jar inside as the neck of the vase is too wide to support the Hyacinth and Sarcococca stems.


Recycled glass vase and scented white Hyacinths with Sarcoccoca

We always have a family lunch for birthdays, this year my father-in-law in his 81st year and wanting to get the most out of the NHS fell on an icy path and broke his femur a week before Lottie’s birthday, so celebrations were in two halves, lunch at home and then an en-masse hospital visit. Lottie’s film of birthday celebrations this year mean we can share everything he missed including the board games and especially the singing game Humm, they gave to us this Christmas.

Southwold - Our eldest daughter Josie sharing a joke with my inlaws.

Family holiday to Southwold – our eldest daughter Josie sharing a joke with my inlaws.

These wishes are for Lottie and Gordon, who is doing well and continuing to make the nurses laugh, and also for Ronnie at Hurtled to 60 and beyond who sang the praise of family board games a couple of weeks ago.

Please take a look at Cathy’s Rambling in the Garden blog for more accomplished Vases. Thanks Cathy as always for hosting your lovely meme.