In a Vase on Monday – On the Wild Side

On a Monday Cathy from Rambling in my Garden hosts the addictive ‘In a Vase on Monday’, a meme to encourage her readers to bring a little of the outside inside and fill a vase or container with something lovely. Inspired by the beautiful Autumn hedgerows, that we walk past everyday on our daily dog walk, I have ‘borrowed’ some Hips and Haws to help fill the ginger jar given to me by my Mum some years ago.

On the Wild Side

On the Wild Side

One of my favourite dog walks takes us up out of our village, past the last of the houses and along the lanes and footpaths that skirt the Greensand Ridge, if time permits we head off towards the woods, if not we return past the old church and then loop back again through the village towards home, all along our route the Hedgerows have been ablaze with colour and the Hawthorns spectacular this year, dripping with fruits.

Hawthorn Berries

Hedgerows of Colour

Archie our Labradoodle without the doodle, is a kind and patient dog who loves to walk, he keeps a look out when I am foraging in hedgerows.



From the hedgerows I collected some Haws (Hawthorn berries), native Dog Rose Hips, English Ivy with seed heads, before heading home and from my garden wildflower Achillea millefolium stems, good old Iris Sibirica seed heads and one of my favourite autumn leaves Rubus tricolour (chinese bramble).


In close up

I picked from the Hedgerows on Saturday morning and am hoping the Hips and Haws will survive inside for a few days as I want to return this bouquet to the birds and plan to put it on our patio table later in the week. Inside the Ginger Jar I have put a large Yoghurt bucket with handle so it can be lifted out and hopefully the birds will still get to enjoy the fruits and the empty Ginger Jar will go back on its shelf.

Heading outside for the birds

Heading outside for the birds

Enjoy your Monday and please take a look at Cathys In a Vase On Monday post for links to the wonderful creative folk who contribute to Cathys meme.